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F R E S H  E N E R G Y

I position myself very proudly not only as someone who has carved solid background in the nonprofit world, but who has also reinvented and transformed my career. #futureofwork. I enjoy working at the intersection of enterprise and the nonprofit world, so I bring a diverse suite of experiences and expertise which, for me, makes the work I do so much more enjoyable and joyful. I'd love to share that with you.


Who knew facilitation could be so energising?

Throughout this remote working era, I've worked with amazing groups, teams and senior management. I design, shape and deliver sessions to your needs from team building, collaboration and creative thinking design workshops to larger online events and learning 'festivals'.


I am avid writer, communicator and teller of stories. I like to use an authentic tone that shows personality across different types of content - brand narratives, articles, web content and more.

See some of my blog pieces and video presentations here.


LET’S MAKE IT POP. Just one of the expressions I live by because I want your projects and strategic direction to be as innovative, progressive and dynamic as it can be in this fast-moving world. Of course, if it ain't broke then that's all good, but there's always room for a bit of alternative thinking. I can stimulate creativity, new ideas and different ways of looking at existing challenges, even if that means pushing you out of the box a little.


Not sure exactly what it is you need yet? You'd be surprised how many other people and organisations are in the same boat these days. One of my greatest assets is the energy I bring to the table. Sometimes you might find that powerful, constructive conversations - semi-structured or more fluid - is exactly what you need to move forward, become unstuck or bring the fizz back into your purpose and soul. I call these "pops of energy". I'd be delighted to help you unravel some 'stuff', personally, professionally and for your organisation.


I also roll my sleeves up and do hands-on design and project delivery. I work on various projects including web reviews, revamping and rebranding; standout presentations and marketing assets.I can usually do these within a super quick turnaround with user-friendly platforms such as Wix or Squarespace. So if you like what you see here, give me a shout!



This one might seem a bit rogue but only because I've done many things in the past two decades and I love events, particularly now that we've had to adapt and evolve how we do them in our new normal. Speak to me about end-to-end events management and to deliver an unforgettable experience that your participants will be raving about for years!

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